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“I just purchased drill powered mortar gun and must tell you, I'm very impressed. Until now it's been grout bags and squeeze guns. Life is better now. I wanted to know if you could send some t-shirts or sweatshirts to possibly promote your outstanding product. Thanks.”

Paul J. from Wall, NJ on 02/10/2015

“This is the tool of the trade! It makes my old grout bag look like a dirt bag.”

Emmanuel S. from Westford MA on 07/16/2014

“Great tool, needed one long time ago ,nice to do business with you guys will tell any one doing grout to check your website. Thanks again.”

David W. from Hillsboro, WV on 05/09/2013

“Thank you for making such a great product, after using the quikpoint gun, i couldn't imagine tuckpointing any other way, Well worth the money.”

Kenny F. from Orwigsburg PA on 04/10/2014

I have been using the 2064 Mortar gun for 2 weeks now. It is exactly what I needed to point up the brick joints at my home. The device is easy to use and keep clean, as I have been using 1 hour quick set compound mix to accomplish my work.”

William B. on 04/11/2010

Just wanted to pass along my appreciation for your product. This tool just made my day as I was able to tuck point a good portion of my house in a a semi-crawl space area. I found that as I went along not only was I saving a beau coup amount of time but material as well. Using Quikrete type N, I found that the mixture had to be just a tad dryer than peanut butter consistency. Once I had that right I was off to the races. As you can tell I am not a mason-- however I am restoring an1880- Vicky that has a failing soft brick foundation. The tuckpointing has now become a joy and easy to do compared to cake bagging or troweling methods employed till now. Nice tool! Thanks."

Steve B. on 11/15/2008

I just wanted to let you guys know how pleased we are with this tool. My husband has found it a God sent for the foundation work he is doing on our old farmhouse. Great innovation. Thanks."

Elizabeth P. from Newbury MA on 09/15/2008

I had to contact you and let you know that your Quikpoint Drill Mate is the most amazing tool I have ever purchased. We have been building a very large home for the past 5 years so you can probably imagine the kind of tools I have. My wife and I put 300 lbs of grouting on today and 200 lbs yesterday. I am 65 years old and we have 2,000 sq ft of stone that we are applying to our home. Until now I was using a grouting bag and it was very difficult. It also does a much better job of filling the joints than the manual method. I have a little arthritis in my hands so this is a double plus.BTW I am using an 18 volt DeWalt cordless drill. Your product is truly an American made success. My hats off to you. “

George W. from Ulster, PA on 09/02/2008

“People at Quikpoint, Look, you guys made an amazing product, and I just wanted to write to say thank you. I have put the Quikpoint to good use. I love it! I had been searching for something that would make the grouting process faster, easier, and more efficient. You made an amazing product and should be congratulated. Thank You.”

Adam M. on 01/08/2008

Just want to say my company recently purchased two Quickpoint guns and we are very pleased. We estimated the job to take 1 month and we think we will complete it in two weeks. Great product!

Tom S. / Toscana Contractors LLC. on 10/17/2007

Quikpoint Mortar Gun Reviews

-Product Review on “” from Sept. 9th 2009 Product Reviews :

If you have to tuck point mortar joints in a wall, chimney, a
horizontal patio, etc. before the snow blows, you may be interested
in a very handy tool. It's called the Quickpoint Mortar Gun. If
you've ever used a caulk gun, then you'll understand this tool. It
applies brick mortar into cracks faster than you can caulk a crack
with a caulk gun - I mean MUCH faster. Tuckpointing the traditional
way with a plasterer's hawk and pointing trowel is tedious. This
Quickpoint tool is simply amazing. I had this tool in my own hands
about a week ago and have never seen anything like it.

You can get the tool with or without an electric drill that powers
the auger at the bottom of the hopper. I wish I would have had this
tool years ago when I built all my brick patios. I had to use the
clumsy mortar bag that's similar to what bakers use to decorate
cakes. You absolutely have to go to this page to see the tool and
watch the videos down near the bottom of the page showing a
real-time use of the tool. There's no fancy smoke and mirrors
editing. You see the real speed of the Quickpoint. This tool gets
two hammers up from me!