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Quikpoint Lightning Grouter (Model #3) Replacement Parts Replacement Parts for Quikpoint Models #3000 & #3600
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Replacement parts for Quikpoint Mortar Gun models #3000 and #3600. Be sure to check out our new #700T Turbo Auger for all models of Quikpoint Grout Guns and #990 Universal Cordless/corded drill Clamp kit for attaching your drill to our Quikpoint Drill-Mate.
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Turbo Auger
New Turbo Auger
List Price: $38.00
Our Price: $38.00

Our Brand New (part #700T) Turbo Augers are finally here and they were worth the wait! We feel these new Turbo Augers are a 100% improvement over our old style auger being more durable (longer life) and able to push out any standard masonry mix. The new Turbo Auger eliminates the need for the #502 Blade Coupling, #503 Tip Blade Set, and #504 U-Blade, so you just pop it in to your unit and your all set.

*The #700T Turbo Auger will come standard in every new model #3000 Quikpoint Drill-Mate and #3600 Quikpoint Mortar Gun w/ Built -in Drill from now on. The tip blade set previously required with the Quikpoint not needed with the Trubo Auger. The new Spiral Tip is fused to the auger and agitates any mortar inside the steel nozzle to keep your Mortar Gun from clogging. Lastly, the new #700T Turbo Auger will fit any of our old models: #2064, #2064-B, and #1964.

*Our previous part #700 Auger Replacement and #700-set will still be available for the forseeable future.
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Quikpoint Turbo Auger Kit
Turbo Auger/Barrel Kit
Our Price: $55.00

The New Turbo Auger (part #700T) Kit:
  • Comes complete with (1) #700T Turbo Auger, (1) #901 Auger Barrel Insert, (1 set / 2 pcs) barrel Screws, and extra 5/16" spacer washers
  • For use in Quikpoint Models #3000, #3600
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Our Price: $28.95

*NEW* UNIVERSAL DRILL MOUNTING KIT - for the #3000 Quikpoint Drill-Mate

Introducing the brand new Universal Drill Mounting Kit for the Quikpoint Drill-Mate #3000. This new kit is a vast improvement to the ring-clamping system we have had and will provide a solid, secure grip no matter what drill is applied. Attach any good quality corded or battery operated drill to the hopper and your ready to tuck-point. The NEW Universal Drill Mount Kit will now be included with every #3000 Quikpoint Drill-Mate. If you already have a #3000 QP Drill-Mate and would like to upgrade to our Universal Drill Mount Kit, the price is right and it is worth every penny... Especially if you are using a battery operated drill.

The NEW Universal Drill Mounting Kit includes:

- (2) Durable Zinc Plated (corrosion resistant) Clamp arms
- (4) Adjustable Clamp Blocks
- (2) 3.5" Zinc Plated Clamp Bolts
- (2) 1/4" Zinc Plated Washers
- (1) 7/16" Wrench

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All parts are in stock and will ship within 48 hours